What’s in the box?

  • 200 full color high quality cards with hundreds of unique
    words and phrases

  • 40 real glass gems for player ‘lives’

  • Sweet velvet gem bag

  • 8 page full-color rule book

  • Unlimited laughter!


How it's played

  • Each turn, the player can either play an insult on anyone else in the game, OR exchange any number of cards from their hand for new cards from the draw pile. The old cards go into the discard pile.

  • An insult is 4 or more cards that when read aloud, form a complete English sentence that insults another player. You can use the word on either side of a card, but not both. Indicate which player you are insulting, and read your sentence aloud.

  • Play for points or play for the funny, either way you better watch your back and try to eliminate all the other players from the game. Watch out for the “special” cards: Reversal, Redirection, and Boom!

Grab a copy for your next game night!

A hilarious card game of words, creativity, and strategy where you insult your friends. 2 to 8 players, 15 to 30 min games, ages 14+.